Sharat Chandra Srivastava


Sharat has played with musicians with contrasting styles across the world which truly makes him a global player.

'No Passport Control'
Track Listings
  1. Amrita
  2. Inspired
  3. NPC - No Passport Control
  4. Sangam
  5. Barulhino (Friends from Brazil)
  6. Ek-Sai Theme
  7. Remembering Nigel
  8. Garden Lounge
  9. Body Float
  10. Mum's Lullaby
This is a very special album which talks about a world without any borders. We are all living in this beautiful world as one family. Everyone should be free to go anywhere, meet new people, understand their cultures, habits, food and share the love.
This album features 10 songs and all of them have been inspired by so many people, friends and my family. All the songs are very special and very close to my heart, and it features my brothers and sisters from India, USA, Slovenia, Scotland , Brazil and Holland, including my son Raghav. All this is because of my Guru, my Grandfather Pt. Joi Srivastava who gave me a rare understanding of Indian Classical Music from my childhood.
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Track Listings
  1. Kabeera
  2. Let's Raag
  3. Bhaag Bihag
  4. Caravan
  5. Sade Saat
  6. By the Nile
  7. Madhuwanti
  8. My Guru My God
Mrigya's second album is as path-breaking as its first one. Listen to it on,, spotify, and MIO.
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'East Blends West'
Track Listings
  1. Swan Lake - Op. 20 - Scene
  2. Symphony #40 in G Minor
  3. Bagatella No. 25 in A Minor 'Fur Elise'
  4. Serenade #13 in G, Eine Klein Nachtmusik (A Little Night Music)
  5. The Four Seasons Spring
  6. Carmina Burana, O Fortuna
  7. Symphony #25 in G Minor, Allegro Con Brio
  8. Symphony No. 9 - Ode to Joy
  9. Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major
  10. Peer Gynt - Prelude to Act 4 Morning
  11. Yumeji Theme - In the Mood for Love
A tribute to the legendary composers of western classical music, it looks to bridge the gap between Hindustani, Carnatic and western music with Indian instruments filling in for conventional western ones with compositions trailing into ragas. Listen to it on spotify.
'The Composition of World Harmony 2010'
Track Listings
  1. Ganga
  2. Ali
  3. Procession
  4. Mitwa
  5. Pahari Funk
  6. Scottish Moors
  7. Let's Raag
  8. Deccan Queen
  9. Rock the Raaga
It doesn't take nuclear science to realize world takes fusion. World Harmony brings together different sounds from around the world that fuse with one another to give birth to a new universe. One without conflict or boundaries. Read Review...
'Reels and Ragas'
Track Listings
  1. Hawthornvale
  2. Thunderstruck/Your'e a Kent
  3. Night Boat From Oran
  4. Donald Willie and his dog/The Elephant and Camel
  5. Kafi
  6. Dye Water
  7. Nitin's Reel
  8. Father John MacMillan of Barra/Wee Gordon's
Border pipes and whistles, the deep note of the Indian drum called the tabla, violin learned in the Himalayas rather than the highlands of Scotland but playing both Scottish and Indian tunes, the melodic voice of the cittern -- all these form part of the sound of the band India Alba, made up of two Scottish musicians and two Indian ones. Their sound is natural, organic, and engaging. In the liner notes, they point out that many raga themes, especially those from the borders of the Himalayas, are related in sound to the melodies of the highlands and islands. Perhaps that’s the reason this works so well.
'High Beyond'
Track Listings
  1. Himalayan Hideaway
  2. The Hang Tune / Loch Bheemtal
  3. Highland Dream
  4. Bellydancer
  5. Hartola / Lesley Shaw's
  6. Essaouira
  7. The Black Isle / Lucy Farr's
  8. Jog
A follow up to their debut CD Reels and Ragas, this band have a sound of their own which is not an imitation of any other band or genre. Two Scottish traditional musicians and two Indian classical musicians combine their influences to play music which shows that there are no boundaries between them. Many raga gats (themes), particularly those from the borders of the Himalayas, have close relatives in the melodies of the Scottish highlands and islands, and for both of them the drone sounds of the bagpipes or the tampura play an important part in the music.
'Dark Matter'
Track Listings
  1. Bassic Instinct
  2. Militant Flower
  3. Code Blue (ft. Dr. J)
  4. Darth Veda (ft. Cassius Khan)
  5. Shadow Crawl (ft. Sharat Chandra Srivastava)
  6. The Call (Bonus Track)
"Dark Matter" explores a darker, heavier sound than 2007's critically acclaimed "Omnesia". "dark matter" draws on intense bass, dubstep and and other electronic influences, and features moving Indian classical performances from Tabla wizard, Cassius Khan, and Violin maestro, Sharat Chandra Srivastava, and multi-instrumentalist, Jay Banerjee.
Track Listings
  1. Marionette
  2. Shopping
  3. Devil
  4. Home
  5. Power
  6. Believe
  7. This Land
  8. Falling
  9. The Sound of Leaving
  10. Bamako
Sharat was invited to join them in the recording of their album 'Marionette' which was released in 2005. The horn and vocal sections give the band a big sound live and this big sound has been boosted on Marionette by Sharat Chandra Srivastava on violin and Athar Hussein on tablas, by the precise percussion of the Peatbog Faeries Iain Copeland and the beautiful voice of Eliza Carthy.
'Chennai Flamenco'
Track Listings
  1. Cool Grooves
  2. Prarthana - A Prayer
  3. Chennai Flamenco
  4. Holijaz - Festival of Colour
  5. Capetown Fiddles
  6. Piabla Paintbrush
  7. Raag Jog - Evening Melody
  8. Roopak
The Ramajaz fusion band has produced two albums in the space of two years, and the music is a mix of Indian, latin, flamenco, tango and jazz. When Dimitri, a top Greek saxophonist, and Sharat, classical Indian violinist, were touring Europe in June 2006, they joined Ramajaz in London, for a stunning evening of Indojazz. This culminated into the making of their 2nd album "Chennai Flamenco' which was subsequently released.
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